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Collaborative. Focused. Dedicated.

Seven Hills presented and implemented creative and effective marketing ideas and has worked with our communications team to revamp how we work with the press.
— Jessica Brayden, RESPOND, Inc.

When you invite Seven Hills Communications to work with you, we become a true part of your team, and that's what sets us apart. As an alternative to a traditional agency or in-house marketing department, we become a collaborator that also brings in specialized outside knowledge to help you get where you want to be, faster. Our focus is on your end goal, and we never take our eye off the ball.

We work almost exclusively with small businesses, startups and nonprofits and provide nimble, affordable and effective solutions. Our goal is to tell your story to your target audience through all the right channels, including media and blogger relations, digital marketing, social media and more. Our work spans a variety of industries, from lifestyle to B2B, including food, mom/parent brands, tourism, retail, education and technology. Our Boston-based team has strong local connections, and we also work on national campaigns.

We approach each of our clients with a solid plan… and the knowledge that everything can change overnight. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and our ability to make changes to our strategy in real time to react to your business demands. At Seven Hills, we’re here to hear your story, package it up neatly and deliver it to your target audience in a way that resonates with them. Contact us for more information on how we can help your business meet your marketing and publicity goals.





Kristen Elworthy

Kristen Elworthy founded Seven Hills Communications on the premise that marketing and PR can be affordable ways to boost a brand image. She believes in a clear strategy that’s also flexible, and in working with her clients in the ways that make most sense for them.

Kristen has worked in corporate marketing and in the PR agency world. Her journalism background, which includes newspaper reporting, magazine writing, and producing documentary films, makes her particularly equipped to help businesses tell their stories across a variety of channels. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Psychology from Boston College and a Masters of Science in Journalism from Boston University. 


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Holly Irgens

Holly Irgens joined Seven Hills Communications to help companies refine their marketing strategy and communicate their message in an efficient way. Her specialty is working with small to mid-sized businesses and startups to help them establish their brand story and increase their brand presence among their target audience.  

Holly is an experienced marketing and communications professional with an established, well-rounded marketing career portfolio including a background at an advertising agency and a corporate marketing department. She has worked with a variety of industries, including healthcare, technology, retail, tourism and more, utilizing a variety of marketing tactics to help support company goals. Holly holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Stonehill College.




Suzanne Conlon

Suzanne Conlon joined Seven Hills Communications in 2016 to help refine creative direction with social strategy as well as to assist with developing PR efforts & engineering media campaigns. Suz has an extensive online marketing background focused on client communications, content creation and social media. She has built and executed marketing strategies for small businesses across a variety of verticals. Suz has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and French from Boston College.