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Getting it done.

From an ROI standpoint, working with Kristen has been a no-brainer. Within our first month, I received interviews with Business Insider as well as the Boston Herald and US News and World Report…and the hits keep coming.
Not only have these placements reeled in new clients, they have also helped to build credibility among my peers and prospects.
— Dana Bull, Realtor

Give us your goals, and we'll work with you to get there. We match the hard work our clients put into growing their businesses, providing custom marketing and PR solutions that make sense for each company. Whatever the task, we get it done. 

We provide project-based services such as copywriting or launch PR campaigns, and have retainer relationships with many of our clients, who view us as their all-in-one marketing and PR solution and an integral part of their business. We're used to jumping in and integrating with your existing team members and current systems.

Our services include:

Public Relations and Media Strategy

Looking for a way to generate brand awareness, sales or traffic to your site? We work with you to distill your story and determine what might be interesting to the media, from TV to print to online outlets - and what types of media placements will work best to meet your goals. We're there from start to finish, from developing a media list and pitching to prepping you for interviews and following up.

Expert Positioning

Looking to establish credibility and expertise in your field? Our expert positioning services are a great way to generate awareness of your personal brand while also providing social proof to your audience. What's social proof? It's the idea that if trusted news outlets use you as a source, you're the best at what you do.  Our expert positioning services help you to narrow your audience, determine your message and pitch you as an expert source, commentator or guest writer to relevant outlets. Many of our clients come to us as they're about to publish their first book, or to help them build a platform as an expert so they can leverage their expertise for revenue down the line.

Blogger & Influencer Relations

Many brands want to work with bloggers and influencers, but it can be difficult to break through the clutter and find the right partners for your brand. We've been working with bloggers and influencers for nearly a decade, and we are able to determine which are the best fit for your brand and launch campaigns that hit with maximum impact. We can also help coordinate blog/influencer events, both in-person and virtual, to create additional buzz for your brand.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a key component of many businesses, but it can be a major time suck or difficult to do well for small business owners who are busy with other areas of their company. That's where we come in. We run email marketing programs for many of our clients, including developing strategy, content, graphics, etc. and managing the lists. Email marketing services range from straightforward newsletters to funnels to event follow ups.

Social Media Advertising & Management

We manage social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, for many clients. Services range from providing a strategy for the client to carry out and regular check-ins and training, to taking over the entire account. We also provide basic social advertising services. For larger digital ad budgets, we work with partners to ensure your digital strategy is tied into the rest of your marketing plan.


Great writing is an essential part of any business and marketing strategy. Our copywriting services stretch pretty much anywhere you can find words. Website copy, email and social media, blogging, assistance with writing guest posts and articles or just a good round of editing all fall under our purview.

Event Marketing

Hosting an event or appearing in-person to help generate brand awareness? We can assist with event logistics and help you determine how best to maximize your investment at the event. We also manage event follow ups and offers via email marketing if you're collecting contact information at the event.